Why choose India as your Higher Education Destination?

01. Indian Education System is the world’s 2nd largest Higher Education System in the world. (As per the Indian UGC Annual Report 2014-2015)

02. India has more than 711 universities ( 46 Ventral, 329 State, 205 State Private, 128 Deemed to be universities, three Institutions established under State Legislation ) 40,760  Colleges with a capacity of enrolling more than 30 million students.

03. The undergraduate (Degree) programs, Post Graduate (Masters, MPhil and PhD) programs offered in Indian Higher Education Institutes are accepted throughout the world.

04. Guaranteed value-for-money education.

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a. Low cost of living - Studying abroad in a completely different country becomes a major concern for international students and the cost of living in a foreign country can seem daunting to many at first. In India the cost of living is the last thing to worry about. 

b. Low cost of education - The cost of education in India is way lower compared to education hubs as the US, UK, Australia, Canada and EU. 

a. Aung San Suu Kyi (Incumbent state counselor of Burma) – Delhi University.

b. Dr. Hamid Karzai ( Former president of Afghanistan) – Himachal Pradesh University.

c. Bingu Wa Mutharika (Former President of Malawi) – Delhi University .

05. Indian Education system is vast in size and academic offerings with a wide range of courses available for the students to select.

06. This vastness of the Indian education system directly translates to enhanced opportunities for its graduates and global learning for an all-round academic and personal development.

07. The growth in IT and services sector of India has led to a strong and healthy placement oriented education where more than 500 companies hire regularly from Indian campuses. 

08. Some of the leading world leaders and diplomats have also graduated from Indian Colleges and Universities.

09. Indian Universities have also produced distinguished noble laureates such as poet, novelist, musician, and painter Rabindranath Tagore, Physicist CV Raman, Economist Amartya Sen, Nobel Paece Proze winner Kailash Satyarthi  

10. Student Friendly Cities – India is home to over 400 cities spread across the nation, proof of establishment 0f the enormous country. Each city has its unique traditions, Cultures and values to take back home.

Sharda University - Delhi

250+ Global Academic Tie-ups.

- Member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

- A NAAC Accredited University.

- Awarded BEST PRIVATE UNIVERSITY in India by National Education Excellence Awards – 2018.

- Credit transfer agreements with several highly ranked universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Greece and Spain.

- No1 University in India with the highest number of international students.

- Being the only global university in India with 2000+ foreign students from 60+ countries.

- Academic partnership with 200+ universities across the globe.

- University offers a truly international learning environment.

- 1200+ world- Renowned faculty.

- 47,500 + Alumni Across the globe.

- 4000+ Publications and Research papers.

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